Jason Stricker

Co‐founder and CEO of Insight Education Group

Jason Stricker is a co‐founder and CEO of Insight Education Group and a sought-after consultant. He has extensive experience in education as a teacher, coach, chief academic officer. Jason brings to his work a deep understanding of educator effectiveness and organizational change and its impact on stakeholders at all levels. He has served as the chief architect of instructional frameworks and aligned calibration training used by US districts including DC Public Schools, Baltimore City Schools, Syracuse City School District, and Chicago Public Schools. Mr. Stricker has successfully managed educator effectiveness implementation projects for over 100 clients in 20 states and three countries across the globe to ensure appropriate allocation of staff and resources. Jason is the co-author of Strategic Design for Student Achievement (2009, Teachers College Press) and Coaching for Change (2008, Insight Education Group).

A guiding principle in all of Jason’s work is the importance of equity in the quality of instruction experienced by every student. He believes parents and children deserve great teachers in every classroom, in every school.

More information about Jason Stricker is available on http://www.insighteducationgroup.com/our-team-jason-stricker.

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