Dr. Keith Browne

Director of Professional Studies and Teaching at the International School of Geneva

Keith Browne is an associate director of professional studies at the Institute of Learning and Teaching in the International School of Geneva and an Honorary Fellow of Durham University. He lectures to aspiring educators enrolled in international teacher certification programmes, including the PGCE (International) and the International Baccalaureate certificate of teaching and learning (IBctl).  Keith has been an international educator and school administrator, educational consultant and curriculum developer in national and international systems for many years. He provides professional development workshops with a focus on learner-driven approaches to teaching and inquiry-based learning, concept-based education and critical thinking. Keith presents to teachers and school leaders as both a speaker and mentor, and he fosters a responsibility for 21st century learning in which students are accountable for their own learning processes through active engagement with curriculum.

As a team leader for school authorization and evaluation visits, and as a consultant for pedagogical program review, Keith is actively involved in guiding school improvement in Europe and the Middle East.  He also delivers teacher training in less-developed countries and leads outreach programmes that focus on educational development in under-resourced regions of sub-Saharan Africa.  He sits on the Board of an NGO that promotes improved quality of education in rural areas of Zambia.

Keith earned Bachelors and Master’s degrees in science at McMaster University in Canada before embarking on post-graduate PhD studies. In the midst of his research and academic pursuits, an enthusiasm for teaching led him to complete a degree in education at the University of Toronto and further education courses at York University in Canada.  After an early career as a teacher, administrator and school board-wide consultant, he was seconded to the Ontario Science Centre Educational Department where he developed innovative educational programming in liaison with resident scientists.

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