Prof. Chris Wilkins

Professor of Education at the University of Leicester, UK.

Chris Wilkins is Professor of Education at the University of Leicester, UK, and his research interests are broad, including teacher development and school improvement, pre-service teacher education issues (including recruitment, retention and induction) and teacher professional identity. He has previously worked in London as a Primary school teacher, and until 2016 was Director of Teacher Education at the University.

He has led or co-led a range of European Union-funded projects on teacher education and development and practitioner enquiry. Chris has been widely recognised for his outstanding leadership of learning and teaching at a national and international level, being elected as a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2014 and as a National Teaching Fellow in 2016.

More information about Chris Wilkins is available on http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/education/people/dr-chris-wilkins.



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